5 top attractions for history buffs on a London long weekend

Traveling is a true treat for everyone, but most especially for history buffs. Being able to visit places that have stood the test of time and have seen some of the most significant events in human civilization will always be memorable experiences for the books. So if you or your friends are passionate about history, read up as we list down seven unforgettable tours that will transport you back in time well, kinda. It has been abandoned for centuries, and its origin, culture, and history remains a mystery to date. Nonetheless, the pyramids are undeniably a great sight to behold and serve as the last link to its glorious past. Prepare your legs for some power climbing up the steps of its major structures: the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun, the Ciudadela Citadel , and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent. Breath in Egyptian air and feel the sand slip beneath your feet under the warm rays of the sun as you traverse your way across the sandy desert of Cairo, Egypt. Marvel at the enigmatic Sphinx that will make you wonder how its nose came off.

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You can explore by region: East Central West. Mile marker 0. Transportation of goods such as tobacco, sugar, and molasses from the West Indies, as well as salt from Europe, passed through Georgetown. These shipping industries were later replaced by coal and flour industries, until they declined in the late 19th century.

Vatican City is the site of the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, and the many museums, some of which date back to the early s. Obviously, no.

Funny pictures about Wise words from Abraham Oh, and cool pics about Wise words from Abraham Also, Wise words from Abraham New facts all day – every day! Audrey Hepburn starved when Germans blockaded her area in Netherlands causing mass malnutrition and 18, deaths. Hepburn, 16, ate tulip bulbs and tried to make bread from grass. Her sylph figure at lbs, her waist only 20in is not from any celeb-style fad diet. It was a legacy of the jaundice, anaemia, respiratory problems and chronic blood disorders she contracted in those days of terrible starvation.

She refused the role in Diary of Anne Frank as it brought back bad memories.

Berlin for History Buffs: A 24-Hour Guide

Ancient Mexico has a history with mighty civilizations ruling its expansive and exotic terrain over the course of time. The legacy of Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations has blessed Mexico with some world-class historic sites. Are you a history buff planning to visit Mexico soon, then here are seven best historical sites to visit in Mexico:. Uxmal is a place of great archaeological importance in Mexico.

It used to be a Mayan town which hosted civilization since BC.

Looking for awesome date ideas for history buffs in NYC? We’ve got Attractions Religious buildings and sites Financial District. Does your.

Apart from what our goals for traveling could be, it lets us experience diverse wonders, cultures, history, foods and beauties from around the world. It was one of the city-states of ancient Elam — BC , which later became a winter capital of the Persian Achaemenid kings, who ruled Iran from c. Elam was an ancient country in southwestern Iran approximately equivalent to the modern region of Khuzestan province. Part of Susa is still inhabited as Shush on a strip of land between the rivers Shaour a tributary of the Karkheh and Dez.

Archaeological evidence suggests that Susa has been continuously inhabited from 4, BC placing it among the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. In addition, there are traces at Susa of a village inhabited around 7, BC and painted pottery dating from ca. The archaeological site includes the ruins of the Achaemenid palace complex of Darius I, the Great, and is located on a fifteen meter high artificial raised hectare terrace.

It has suffered greatly in the past seventy years. During the balance of Achaemenian period to BC , Susa functioned as one of the rotating capitals a winter capital of the Achaemenian Kings. It is said that Alexander of Macedonia captured Susa in BC and plundered the city, seizing some 40, talents of gold and silver from the treasury.

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Following the easing of pandemic control measures, all learning centres, museums, historical parks, libraries and archives under the operation of the Fine Arts Department have reopened their doors to welcome guests. Bangkokians can now check out a list of interesting museums to enjoy a day trip without having to leave town. Established in and located on land which was once the Front Palace, the National Museum Bangkok takes visitors back to several periods of Siam through a rare collection of artefacts that reflect unique Thai culture and first-class craftsmanship.

At the Sivamok Phiman Throne Hall, visitors can learn about the origins of our ancestors and significant historical events ranging from the Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Thon Buri kingdoms to the reign of the Rattanakosin period.

We send two history lovers on a blind date to Lincoln’s Cottage. at her car and said that we should figure out our next historical site to see.

Castle image courtesy of Chelsea LaVere. Before you travel, make sure you know what you must do to get married in another country, and whether your marriage will be legally recognized when you return home. Photo by: Chelsea LaVere. Under construction from through , this basilica church was built in Romanesque-Lombard style. Photo by: Rochelle Cheever. Greece, says Velez, “offers couples the chance to experience old-school hospitality and marry with spectacular backdrops like the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

Santorini, photographed here by Chelsea LaVere, is actually a group of islands formed by volcanic eruptions that occured over many thousands of years. Before or after your ceremony, you and your guests can visit a number of churches, vineyards and museums filled with treasures from prehistoric times, as well as ecclesiastical icons from the 17th and 18th centuries, sculptures from the Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, and much more. Image courtesy of Chelsea LaVere. Velez says Iceland is rich in Viking history and volcanic activity dating back millions of years.

Velez says Iceland is unrivaled for hospitality. Photo by: Katie Stoops Photography. Hallgrimskirkja , an Evangelical Lutheran church in the heart of Reykjavik, is a popular wedding venue, and a great site for history buffs to visit.

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As a history buff, you’re likely drawn to forms of entertainment steeped in factual accuracies. Whether you like to watch historic documentaries, read engrossing biographies, or spend time surfing the internet, finding the best information is probably your main focus. Use your free time as productively as possible and browse these five exciting websites geared toward history buffs like you.

You may just learn something new, or put your existing knowledge to test to see how much you already know. As a factual media and entertainment company, CuriosityStream was designed for people like you who want to learn more about history through short-form video content.

modelled after the “Dogu”-shaped pottery from Nakayashiki site,Kanagawa. Stamps favorite with famale history buff Brown & Cony’s Lovey Dovey Date.

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The origins of some of the sites in the city date back to BC. Many of the sites are free to visit while a few have entry fees of less than ten dollars. Photo taken December 12, Courtesy Wikipedia. Stone carvings seen at the protected site of Taxila on March 15, Courtesy Wikipedia. But the history of the valley goes back to around years ago when it was known as Udyana, a name later changed to Suvastu.

The city of Barikot is mentioned in historical tellings from the time Alexander the Great conquered the area around BC.

5 Websites for History Buffs As a history buff, you’re likely drawn to forms of entertainment steeped in factual accuracies. Whether you like to.

The North Highlands has been occupied since the earliest periods of human history, with artefacts dating back to as early as the Mesolithic to be found in Caithness. Living and working in the region offers history buffs an incredible range of sites to visit, right on your front doorstep! Among the oldest stone monuments in Scotland, this monument consisting of a long cairn and a round cairn gives a fascinating insight into Neolithic burial practices and demonstrates the complexity of Neolithic architecture.

The exact age of the cairns is unknown, but they are thought to be dated to about 5, years ago. Excavated and restored by Historic Scotland in the late 20th Century, the cairns are open to the public. Moving from a purely defensive structure as social attitudes changed, by the early s the castle incorporated a tower house, chapel, banqueting chamber and larger windows with leaded lights.

Fort Morgan: Gulf Coast vacation destination for history buffs

Looking to soak up some history as well as some sun while vacationing in the Gulf Shores region? Fort Morgan is a family-friendly destination that is steeped in military and U. Best of all, the grounds are located minutes from your Fort Morgan vacation rental. All of the stunning vacation rentals along the Gulf Coast offer opportunities to lounge on white sand beaches, swim in the warm, turquoise waters and sip on tasty tropical cocktails. Be sure to plan time to explore some of the area’s history, since the Fort Morgan Historic Site is right in your neighborhood.

Fort Morgan vacation rentals become the perfect headquarters for your vacation that combines rich history with warm sunshine.

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History and travel are natural bedfellows. History helps us understand the past in the abstract, while travel connects that past to the present and helps us comprehend its importance now and into the future. Thus, there are few things more rewarding for travellers than to engage with history. Likewise, there are few things more beneficial to a history buff than to travel.

The following list gives a general overview of historical sites in these countries. Whether you are fascinated with ancient times, the medieval world, or the innovations of the Renaissance, Italy has a lot to offer. Start in Rome, the centre of the ancient Roman Empire and the perfect place to trace the history of this civilization that conquered much of the western world. The Colosseum, the Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Pantheon all offer insight into this world from 2, years ago.

Then head to Florence to learn about the Medici Family, which ruled during the early centuries of the Renaissance. You can also follow their impact on art and culture in the world-class museums, the Uffizi Gallery and the dell’Accademia. In Venice, you can learn about the late medieval world and the trading empire that influenced much of the Aegeatic and the wider Mediterranean as well as see landmarks like St.

Like many nations in the Middle East, Jordan has a vast number of historical landmarks from the past few thousand years. But unlike some of its neighbours, Jordan is also very safe to visit, which makes it an ideal Middle-Eastern stop for history buffs.

History Buffs

Want to visit the best museums in Amsterdam? The Dutch capital is home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. In fact, there are over 70 museums in the city making it impossible to visit them in just one trip. From the masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous story that lies in the Anne Frank House to the thousands of Dutch books in the Rijksmuseum library, these are the best museums in Amsterdam…. Located on Museum Square, this Dutch national museum is dedicated to arts and history.

Basing House: Lovely area, great for history buffs but eat before you visit! We stumbled on this hidden historic site dating from the Civil War.

Download a PDF version of this itinerary. Welcome to Elizabeth, NJ! While you are with us, we are going to show you the best of what the gateway to the state of New Jersey has to offer. Elizabeth: It all started here! Tour the beautiful gardens and walk through history. Inside the museum, see where Alexander Hamilton lived and view authentic American historical artifacts dating back to the s.

Liberty Hall Museum brings history to life for guests of all ages to enjoy even the tours are given in period-aged clothing! After lunch, visit Boxwood Hall , another famous hot-spot-hang-out of Alexander Hamilton. Walk through the historical building and see where Hamilton slept, where George Washington dined on his way to his Presidential Inauguration, and Elias Boudinot lived while he was the President of the Continental Congress.

There is so much more history that is waiting to be discovered by our visitors! Welcome to “The Rock”! Read More. Altenburg Piano House, founded in , is the oldest family-run piano

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The U. Havens for artsy free spirits. Mining sites that once yielded a ton of gold. Sites of infamous military battles. Stomping grounds of storied pirates.

The origins of some of the sites in the city date back to BC. Must see spots include the Dharmarajika Stupa, also referred to as the Great.

Certainly makes our hearts flutter! The mostly-indoor Historic Walking Bar Tour should be on any list of Chicago date ideas regardless of the season. It combines three rounds of drinks and snacks with stories and beautiful, interesting spaces from the entertainment history of the Mag Mile. This tour is very popular with locals, and couples out on a date night join this tour almost every week, which gave us some inspiration.

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Situated right at the historic heart of the city, the sightlines from the LondonHouse Rooftop are spectacular. You and your paramour can peer straight down the Mag Mile or gaze towards the main branch of the Chicago River backlit by brilliant dusklight.

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