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Allison DeBona. We loved the first season’s inside peek at Salt Lake City’s Ballet West – the exhausting rehearsals, the behind-the-scenes drama, the striking stage productions. Dance fans loved seeing ballet dancers in a different light than what they see in performance, and wanted more. So now Breaking Pointe is coming back! What’s in store for us balletomanes in Breaking Pointe season two? Leading the company once again will be Artistic Director Adam Sklute, who will be guiding Ballet West ‘s dancers in their largest and most demanding production to date, Cinderella. The competition will be fierce as the dancers audition for the life-changing roles of Cinderella and Price Charming.

Shakespeare gets jazzy with Ballet West’s spring program headliner

Sign In. Breaking Pointe —. Hide Spoilers. Being a fan of reality shows and dance, this show was a natural for me. It profiles the Ballet West dance company out of Salt Lake City, and follows certain individuals in the company.

Air Date: Friday, June 01, Tom Mattingly, Soloist Ronnie Underwood, Demi-Soloist Allison DeBona, Demi-Soloist Rex Tilton, Adrian Fry.

Hoffman and an adaptation by Alexandre Dumas. It is accompanied by events ranging from an alumni gathering to a congressional resolution by Congressman Ben Mcadams celebrating the contributions of Ballet West to American ballet culture. The lobby of the theater features cardboard trees marked with decades on which attendees can mark when they first experienced The Nutcracker. I took time to inscribe my name for the s before entering the theater for opening night. She is a commanding presence among her peers, but loses none of her power when she follows the lead of her new ally.

Pearson plays the Prince with a sense of humor that makes this military leader lovable. His most nuanced moments come when he is inviting Clara into the wider world and he demonstrates real affection in his interactions with her and his subjects. Their p as de deux at the end of the first act is a study in contrasts as Addison and Gum strongly perform roles that demand great energy in some moments as well as serene majesty in others.

Accompanied by seven lieutenants, he is relentlessly sinister until the moment that he falls in battle, whereupon he melodramatically passes away in a manner that softens the blow of an onstage death for younger audiences. Sklute auditioned six hundred dancers from dance schools across Utah and even cast dancers from Wyoming and Nevada.

The result is that the four casts have seventy-five up-and-coming dancers, each with a unique character to play. Even the antagonists have their charms, as two young mice appear at first to be squabbling over a piece of cheese. Lighting Design by Kevin Dreyer and Projection Design by Mike Tutaj create the illusion of the aurora borealis and fireworks as well as the understated home lighting in the party scenes.

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He believes Beckanne will bring down the house. He knows he has given a lot of responsibility to Allison, but thinks she can pull it off. He only hopes that Rex is focused enough to make it through with Christiana, an older and more experienced dancer, as his partner. So, performance day superstitions? Christiana has a pre-performance routine with food.

Beckanne enjoys shopping.

Doctor Drosselmeyer (Beau Pearson/Rex Tilton/Trevor Naumann/Adrian Fry) and his nephew set off for a Rae Herrera/Kaitlyn Addison/Sayaki Ohtaki/Allison DeBona/Katie Critchlow) and See website for dates and times.

You’re probably already following your favorite dancers on Instagram, but did you know that you can follow many of their dogs, too? We rounded up some of our favorite dog-centered accounts and hashtags to keep you pawsitively entertained sorry, we can’t help ourselves. Often accompanying Lane to the ABT studios, they can also be seen using tutus or piles of pink tights as dog beds.

French bulldog Frida Kahlo follows her mom, Ingrid Silva, almost everywhere. Frida’s profile shows that she enjoys long walks in the park and dressing up in matching costumes with Silva for Halloween. Frida even kept Silva company during her Pointe cover shoot. With over 11, followers, we think Frida’s doing pretty well. He’s especially fond of pointe shoes and pumpkin spice lattes. Thanks for the recognition! While you can follow Pickles on her own Instagram page it is after all , she’s also frequently featured on owner Lauren Post’s profile.

Like most ABT dogs, Pickles seems to spend a lot of time lounging in the studio.

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Katie Martin of Grayslake first put on tights and a tutu at age 6 when she began ballet lessons at. She has grown up into a professional ballerina at age 23 who landed a role on the new TV show “Breaking Pointe. The show, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, gives an unflinching behind-the-scenes look at the world of professional ballet, the injuries, the competition, the all-consuming lifestyle of dancers, and the beauty of the performances. It is beautiful and ugly and passionate.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with Allison DeBona, Christopher Ruud, and Rex Tilton from the hit ballet reality TV show, Breaking Pointe!

Following its sold-out debut in , Ballet West has been invited to return to the renowned Joyce Theater, October 11—14, for five performances. Both works premiered at the National Choreographic Festival this May, and were hailed by audiences and critics alike as exciting new additions to the Ballet West repertoire. The cost of the tour has been partially underwritten by a lead gift from the Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation. Speaking on behalf of the family, Frederick Q. I also hope New York will appreciate our commitment to the work of George Balanchine, which holds such a strong historical place with Ballet West.

Atomic bombs do not glow as brightly, and laser beams are less precise! Regularly quoted and commended in The New York Times, with fashion spreads in Vogue Italia—these two are at the top of their game, with zero expectations to back down or turn around. Rex grew up in Southern California, where the presence of neighborhood gangs convinced his parents to homeschool all seven of their children.

At 11 years of age, Rex took his first dance class, but unfortunately, the school closed not long afterward. Because of this, he and his brothers were pushed into studying at the local Recreation Center where they took Creative Movement classes when they could.

Will Allison and Rex Get Together? – and Other Burning Issues

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FRONT ROW | 1 first soloist allison debona & principal rex tilton. photo by “​When we started dating, Julie was the President of the Ballet West.

By Karyn D. Instead, the summertime series showed professional dancers of Ballet West, both on and offstage, during part of its just-ended season. That is, lure newer, younger audiences to theaters for live classical ballet? But I started to think not only what this could mean for Ballet West, but for ballet in general.

In giving ballet a broader appeal, I felt this could be very good. He considered it a small victory that he persuaded the producers to allow him 48 hours notice to review each episode so he could correct factual mistakes about the choreographers and works. Other compromises, he said, were a result of budget restrictions such as the minimal use of the actual music while the dancers danced because of the cost of obtaining music rights. And, he added, the producers also had to be mindful of their target audience in putting the show together.

Many said the opportunity to promote the ballet world outweighed any misgivings they had about allowing cameras to focus on their personal lives.

‘Breaking Pointe’ Star Allison DeBona Opens Up About Her Impending Love Vs. Career Decision

Thomas Walker 26 days ago. Real-life pas de deux: Dancer couples share their love story. Daniel Martinez 20 days ago. Viviane de deux.

The Emperor: Christopher Sellars Death: Allison DeBona. Mechanical Nightingale: Tyler Gum Japanese Maestro: Rex Tilton. 10/26, 11/2 EVE. The Nightingale.

Balancing a romantic relationship and a professional dancing career isn’t easy. And in the year between seasons, the dancers broke up for good and Allison rekindled her romance and started a long distance relationship with her previous boyfriend. On the show’s second season premiere episode, we learned that Allison’s boyfriend has given her an ultimatum.

It’s him or dance. It was so crazy,” she said. She now holds one of the top positions in the Company. It is for that reason and the fact that ballet careers can be very short-lived that the decision to leave for love is difficult for her. Those are also the reasons why fans and critics wonder why she would even consider her boyfriend’s ultimatum.

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Photo by Matthew Karas. Will there be more dancing? Will Allison and Rex be officially dating?

Today we talk with one of the organizers, Allison DeBona, about the I am co-​producing the I Am Your Friend Benefit Dance Performance with Rex Tilton. Gavin: To date, what’s been your favorite performance with Ballet.

Ballet West continues to surprise and delight its audiences this year with a triple-bill performance celebrating diversity in dance—paying tribute to tango, square dancing and the techno dance club scene. Having danced with Ballet West for 16 seasons, she will grace the stage for each of the eight performances of Almost Tango. Sklute, takes the stage as the square dance caller—a nod to the original composition rarely seen today.

A light-hearted celebration of folk dance, Square Dance also features an on-stage orchestra with a Dowd harpsichord on loan from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Next on the program is the title piece, Almost Tango. The work features ten men and just four women—harkening back to the development of the dance in South America and Argentinian tango halls in the early 20 th century.

This seductive dance explores the physicality of tango as an impassioned art form. Created in for the Paris Opera Ballet, this piece was recognized immediately as a contemporary classic. The power and intensity each of the artists display was immediately captivating alongside the techno electronic score by Thom Willems.

Breaking Pointe – Episode 3 – Second Cast Is First Place for Losers – Full Epsiode Recap