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A most informative full size paperback book for the costume jewelry collector. I consider it a MUST have. This colorfully illustrated guide contains four hundred ninety five full pages. Features six 6 methods for dating costume jewelry. Maker’s mark, patent info, reviewing vintage ads, style or design, books, internet and provenance. Each method is explained in detail. Full color illustrations with relevant detail. Tables with the design patent number, date issued, designer, jewelry type and brief description also are abundant. There are also twelve and one half pages of manufacturer and marks charts, designers chart and an appendix on viewing patents online.

Costume Jewelry Identification

So many different companies, designers, periods, styles, and materials to cover makes for a daunting task. Answering a few basic questions, however, is great point of departure. Photo courtesy Pamela Wiggins Siegel.

Costume Jewelry Magazine. Jewelry marks, makers and dates reference list Fashion Designers of America in ; collaborated for the Michael Kors

Many Chanel costume jewelry pieces will have markings. Understanding these markings is an important aspect for authentication and will also reveal when the item was made and its history. We hope that you enjoy this Chanel stamping guide. Currently, it is the most complete and accurate guide online. Pieces from were made to complement Chanel’s clothing. As a result, these extremely rare pieces were left unmarked. Funnily enough, another brand by the name of Chanel Novelty Company, produced brooches in that was stamped with a cursive Chanel.

Coco Chanel sued them for obvious trademark infringement and won. Jewelry made by Chanel Novelty Company in is quite valuable. The style of Chanel Novelty Company was distinctly different from Chanel’s, and these accessories have their own unique beauty and craftsmanship. They also represent an important event in Chanel’s history.

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Jewelry marks, makers and dates reference list Page 1. A generous collector told me that, ” He emigrated to New York initially from Naples, Italy around and then moved to Providence around Unfortunately, he died in while a relatively young man, so he personally only had a few pieces under his name. I have two of those, one with red stones and one with blue stones.

Indeed, it was Chanel who introduced the whole concept of costume jewellery, larger than life pieces that deliberately played on the fact that the materials were not.

These patents provide an invaluable source of information as to the designer and date of pieces, and in some cases with unsigned items , as to the identity of the manufacturer as well. We have been doing our homework to supplement the superb resource provided by the Brunialti’s great books see below. These patent reproductions are cut and pasted versions of the original patents, showing the design drawings front and side , the designer, the date filed, the date issued, and the patent number – simply to accomodate the information to the design of the site, and to reduce the file size and download time of the reproductions.

The most important printed sources by far for collectors are the books by Carla and Roberto Brunialti The most recent and comprehensive are two volumes in English: American Costume Jewelry: Art and Industry, They are a revised and expanded reworking of the Italian and English first two books below, and , with substantial new additions of items and information. Click the thumbnail at left for publisher’s details. If there is also patent there, the symbol below that is used.

There may also be a reference to a book there as well. Adverts can provide a date and a manufacturer for pieces in the absence of other evidence. And they can provide a contemporary context for how the jewels were worn – in pairs, or clipped to a necklace for example. Once again, we are following the lead of the Brunialtis in the use of these materials in dating and attributing our pieces. In many ways. Items with book references, and no other on-site reference material on their pages, are indicated by this symbol.

Dating Christian Dior Jewelry – Dior Vintage costume jewelry necklace, bracelet & earring set

Subscribe to RSS Feed. Marcel Boucher designed jewelry for Mazer Bros. He established his own company, Marcel Boucher and Cie Company, in The company became a subsidiary of Dovorn Industries, a watch manufacterer, in

As time progressed, Monet has kept up with fashion trends while maintaining its quality. During the s, costume jewelry became a staple in women’s wardrobes and.

Julia Carroll has been collecting costume jewelry for over 12 years. She taught computer science for many years, and at that time very few published materials were available to teach young children, so she frequently wrote her own lessons. She used this skill in trying to teach others about collecting costume jewelry. Labirint Ozon. Julia C. The second edition of Collecting Costume Jewelry the basics of dating jewelry – will not disappoint collectors.

More than just a fresh new cover, this updated edition is bursting with material not seen before. The charts listing the design patent numbers have been replaced by over 2, selected design patent drawings organized in easy-to-reference groups. Over new and updated photographs have been added, including an expanded section on Boucher jewelry.

Some of the mystery about Regency Jewels is revealed through an interesting and informative interview with the nephew of Raymond Albertieri who managed every aspect of Regency Jewels from the late s through Already packed with vintage advertisements, this new edition includes a dozen additional ads for makers like Ciner, Boucher, Haskell, Bogoff, Trifari, Mazer, Castlecliff, Whiting and Davis, and Judy Lee.

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Bring it to Dr. Why did the Eisenberg firm change course? The costume jewelry that was used on store displays to market their clothing lines kept getting stolen. Many Eisenberg pieces were designed by Ruth Kamke of Fallon and Kappel of New York once the two firms had a mutually exclusive agreement from the s to the s.

Kamke designed Eisenberg pieces for nearly decades; specifically she designed all of the Eisenberg Original pieces made after and much of the Eisenberg Ice line of jewelry thru Many Eisenberg brooches and pins were designed in the form of figures like mermaids, dancers, animals or insects.

This article will offer some tips on how to analyze and date antique jewelry. I’m retired now, and I am working with fashion jewelry pieces.

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We do not sell antique jewelry, which is defined as at least years old. Many of the styles you’ve probably heard about — Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Retro — originated during the early s and are considered antique. In turn, these early eras inspired the design of vintage costume jewelry from the ss. Keep your eyes out for flora, fauna, enamel, kitschy motifs, figurals, and rhinestones.

5 Easy Clues for Dating Antique or Vintage Jewelry. Jewelry reflects the taste and attitude of every period in history. There are clues that can be.

Get an online appraisal of your Eisenberg costume jewelry piece from Dr. Do you get the best prices when antiques and thrift store shopping? Do you pay too much because you unknowingly reveal secrets to the seller so jewelry end up not reducing the price for you? Read three tips from Dr. Lori to help get the best steals when antiques shopping.

It’s fun to eisenberg, but even more fun when you get a bargain. Home Events Blog Contact. About Dr. Lori Who is Dr.

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Vintage costume jewelry is perhaps the easiest way to wear vintage for any modern woman of any background, style or size. You can be a top-level executive CEO and wear a pair of Trifari vintage earrings with your power suit. Whatever style suits your fashionable needs can and will be fulfilled by the digital marketplace. Maintaining and listing jewelry is easier than styling and shooting a human model. The history of costume jewelry is an illustrious one.

Later pieces in the 60s and 70s had textured backs rather than smooth. There are several general rules for dating costume jewelry that can be.

Vintage jewelry is jewelry that is at least 30 years old, while antique jewelry must be older than a century. This means that there are many different types of vintage and antique jewelry based on fashion trends, manufacturing styles, popular materials, and jewelry stamps. One of the most telling ways to identify your jewelry is by its style, which can correspond to a specific time period or area. This cute little snake ring has a pair of ruby eyes and a diamond head. This beautiful filigree bow piece embodies the Edwardian aesthetic.

This brass ring shows typical Art Nouveau detailing; note the nude woman and the flowing, organic lines. This white gold art deco ring is set with diamonds. In addition to these historical styles, there are also some regionally-specific types of jewelry:. This Black Hills ring shows off the signature multicolored gold look, with grape leaves. While manufacturing methods drastically vary, certain components and details are very telltale when it comes to dating the jewelry. For instance, hand engraving is indicative of a piece dating at least to the s, especially if it is on a signet ring.

Incredibly intricate, small, and lacy filigree work, in combination with white gold or platinum, will often point to Edwardian or Art Deco jewelry.

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